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Securing The Profit 
to build wealth

Helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and create financial plans to focus on the bigger picture and strategically grow.

Only 1 in 3 small businesses make it to their 10-year anniversary. 

We help ensure you're one of them.

You are not alone!
Let me guess...You've probably:

Signed up for Wave or QuickBooks and linked your accounts in an attempt to DIY your bookkeeping. 


Tried to purchase a building, some equipment, or even a home and had zero idea they would request your financial statements and tax returns.


Just received another huge tax bill after you promised you would start early and hire an accountant. 

It's Time!
It's time to normalize money talks and take control of your finances.

Making money decisions in your business based on gut instinct or taking random advice is dangerous and risky.  


Imagine having a strategic financial partnership that meets you where you are and gets you where you want to go.


Green Balance Accounting has been a Godsend and has helped me take my business to the next level. Her detailed analysis and insights are invaluable to me and help guide all my business decisions. Cannot recommend her more highly.

Kirsten Rand

CEO, Maids a la Mode

"This company provides amazing services. There is no other company that I would trust to handle my accounting outside of Green Balance accounting.  They are responsive, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend. They have been managing my books for almost a year now and I am pleased with their services."

Joan Hampton

CEO, Oasis Mental Wellness

"I've been a Green Balance Accounting client for several years and there is NOTHING like the peace of mind I enjoy from knowing my taxes are done by such experts.  They are professional, consistent and provide me with the right information to continue growing as a business.  I recommend them highly."

Pamela Berry-Johnson

CEO, Yellow Rabbit PR & Marketing

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